Rhode Island Center for Dental Sleep Medicine

Martin C. Nager, DMD

Brenda R. Pierce, DDS

Danika Crabtree, DMD

Anu Deshmukh, DMD

Our Warwick office is open Monday through Saturday, and our Narragansett office is open Tuesday through Thursday.
We are the only office in RI that is accredited by the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.


If you snore heavily and are interested in trying dental appliance therapy it's very important that you are thoroughly examined by a physician or a sleep specialist first.


Mild or occasional snoring and symptoms of OSA may be alleviated by lifestyle changes.


Do oral appliances cause bite changes? Can they loosen teeth? Are they only for mild cases of OSA? Is there only one type of dental appliance available?

Learn more about these common myths and misconceptions.


In a majority of patients, a well-made, well-fitted dental appliance will effectively reduce or eliminate snoring, and significantly relieve symptoms of mild and moderate OSA.


OSA is a serious medical condition that can have a significant impact on quality of life, placing unnecessary strain on relationships between bed partners, family, and the work place.

Our Patients Say...

Dr. Pierce was extremely thorough with me explaining the results of my test, options of treatment, and even encouraging a 2nd opinion if I desired. Her honesty, advice and concern for my benefit should be a model for all in her profession.

James W.